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Joe Given has been working with the company since he was a ‘nipper’, don’t worry we don’t recruit that young, but that was his job title when he began his career with us at the age of sixteen. Like many of the changes Joe’s experienced over the years job titles are just one of them. As a ‘nipper’ it was his job to make sure the urn was kept topped up for the tea and carry out the lunch round! As well as carrying out such vital necessities Joe quickly learned on the job based at our Chrystal’s Arena development in Glenrothes.

Joe soon proved his worth as a ‘nipper’ and went on to become a ‘chain boy’, assisting the engineers on site near our Livingston office. Joe worked through the ranks spending around a year with each of the different trades, from engineering to stone masonry, providing him with a terrific understanding of all the different aspects of the business.

That tradition of learning through experience stood him in good stead and today, 35 years on, he is our Site Manager/Foreman based at Long Meadow in Ormiston. Over the years he has worked on both commercial and, latterly, housing projects throughout Scotland’s central belt.

Joe comments, “Work has always been varied and that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most. My favourite development is probably Rothesay Terrace in Edinburgh which we transformed from traditional townhouse buildings into apartments.

“One of the highlights I’ll never forget was when I was 17 I passed my driving test and was so desperate to get a car. The company sold on its old cars and I’d asked if I could apply for one. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was told my new car had arrived, where to pick it up and instructions to go to a job we were working on, Airth Castle. You can imagine my face when the car turned out to be a ton canary yellow dumper truck! Some wise crack had me driving mid-November, in freezing weather, dressed with three pairs of gloves and hats and numerous scarves. It took me three hours to travel 15 miles!! Eventually though I did get a company van.”

Not only did Joe get a company van, but he also took the meaning of ‘taking your work home with you’ to a new level as Joe is also the proud owner of Walker house in Tranent.