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Fall in love with a Walker home

Fall in love with a Walker home

Love is in the air this month as we banish the winter blues and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And as the nights are slowly getting brighter, now’s a great time to visit one of our showhomes and discover the many reasons our happy homebuyers fall for one of our properties.

From their stunning presentation, to the small details such as the stylish ironmongery and storage space, to the manageable gardens and, not forgetting our great offers to get you moving, there are plenty of impressive features to turn your head.

Take a look at the perfect love nest at:-

Meadowcroft, plot 65, the Swanston, an ideal family home available for only £242,000

Hopefield Park, plot 40, the Culdearn, a spacious five bedroom home priced from only £396,000

Seven Wells, plot 63, the Canterbury Corner showhome available with additional features including carpets, light fittings and landscaped garden, for only £282,000.

Ashton Gardens, plot 17, the Swanston, a four bedroom property for only £299,000

Ellwood, plot 55, the Gladstone, a four bedroom family home priced at only £342,000

Glen Ora, plot 28, the Glenbrooke, a luxurious four bedroom home, priced at only £500,000

Monarch’s Way, plot 4, the Kidston, an attractive four bedroom property, priced at only £241,000

The Braes, plot 3, The Lismore, a charming four bedroom home priced at only £230,000

For more information, please contact us at salesenquiries@walkergroup.co.uk