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January Sale

January Sale

This sale has now ended.

We've launched our exclusive, annual sale with special offers on selected plots during January.

Walker Group offer a range of beautiful new properties, so whatever your needs, we're sure we can match you to your perfect new home. For the month of January, we have hand picked a selection of properties that are ready to move in to and we’ve thrown in some added extras to help you along the way. 

If you reserve one of the selected properties listed below before January 31st, and complete the sale by the end of February, Walker Group will turf your garden and carpet your home absolutely free!

But hurry we only have limited plots available and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Plot 11
Hopefield Park
Kidston - 4 bedroom detached property
Call 0131 654 1505 for more information

Plot 85
Glenelg - 3 bedroom terrace property
Call 01324 670897 for more information

Plot 16
Seven Wells
Swanston - 4 Bedroom detached property
Call 01506 203312 for more information

Plot 17
Ashton Gardens
Swanston - 4 Bedroom detached property
Call 0131 333 2006 for more information

* Offers listed here are correct at the time of publication.Please check with the Walker Group Sales Team for an up-to-date list of offers.