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Nikki Wasellas and Kerry Kell have literally grown up with Walker Group for the lovely duo have both worked with the company for a staggering 25 and 24 years each!

Nikki and Kerry started with the business as Office Juniors and over the years have shared so many experiences from learning to drive to getting married and starting families.

When Nikki joined the company typewriters were still in vogue and she was quite impressed when she was appointed a word processor operator a job she enjoyed for five years. Nikki spent most of her career job-sharing as Assistant Secretary and three years ago she transferred into the Buying team.

At one point Nikki and her husband, who runs his own electrical and security company, were both working for the company as he was subcontracted to work on a Walker development for a few years.

Commenting on the best thing about working for the company Nikki said, “I am so proud to be part of the Walker brand and be involved in maintaining its high standards for our clients. I also enjoy the varied work and being afforded the flexibility in working hours, after the birth of my first son 18 years ago and my second, eight months ago. And, of course having great colleagues!”

A year after Nikki started, Kerry joined the team working in the general office and clearly remembers the day, phoning her mum in awe that she had her own desk and stapler!

After a spell on reception Kerry, who only lives seven minutes away from the head office, moved into the accounts department where she remains today.Kerry adds, “I feel very lucky to work here, not many people can say they enjoy their job but I do and I work with really nice people. We are a great team. We have all worked together for so long and have done many things over the years including a 52 mile charity cycled from Glasgow to Edinburgh and a 10,000 ft skydive”.